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PEEK is widely used in follow industries:


1.Aviation and aerospace

2.Automotive Industry

3.Electrical and electronic fields

4.Food and medical industry


Our PEEK is FDA, ROHS and UL  approval. Has good phycical and chemical properties. The glass transition temperature of PEEK  is 143 Degree C,  the melting point is 334 Degree C. PEEK is a half crystalline polymer, and has good corrosion resistance, usally only soluble in strong sulfuric acid, nitric acid. PEEK is so stable, with extremely low water-absorbing rate and thermal expansion. Commonly, its properties would not change with temperature, moisture, chemcial eruption or physical press.


We could supply PEEK in powder and pellet form.  Pellet PEEK is mainly used in injection molding and extrusion ( including monofil or electrical wire coating, pipe and stick profile, film), coarse powder is mainly used in compound, reinforcement, alloy extrusion granulatiing, ultrafine pwder is mainly  applied in compression molding and electrostatic spraying.

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